Outdoor adventures

Joyful experiences

Anyone who has already had a holiday in the Dolomites will know there is so much variety on offer. An active outdoor holiday makes you happy, healthy and fit. Sesto, the land of mountains, is an idyllic place for many activities, including hiking, skiing and mountain biking …

The Meridiana di Sesto (Sesto Sundial)

… will not rouse you from your sleep in the early morning. It’s not a real clock, but rather the world’s largest stone sundial. The position of the sun above each of the different peaks can be used to tell the time. At 9 o’clock the sun is above Cima Nove, at 10 above Cima Dieci, and so on. From our apartments you have a clear view of Cima Nove and Cima Dieci (also known as the Croda Rossa), Mount Casella and Mount Baranci.


Because we’re partners with the Sesto Mountaineering School, you can take part in free guided hikes 3 or 4 times a week in summer, and in snowshoeing and ski mountaineering trips in winter.

View towards Fischleintal Sundial of Sesto Autumn

Outdoor activities in winter

Fun on skis

… the 3 Cime Dolomiti ski area offers all this: five interconnected mountains with 115 kilometres of blue, red and black slopes, 31 cableways, and also some chair lifts.

The joy of cross-country skiing

… there are plenty of opportunities in and around Sesto: with 200 km of trails to choose from.
You can access the cross-country ski network from the village and head off in any direction: along the high altitude trail towards Malga Nemes and Malga Coltrondo, towards Moso, towards Val Fiscalina, towards San Candido or Dobbiaco, and so on.

Winter hiking and snowshoeing

… starting straight from our apartments. Those who prefer exploring the snow-covered landscape in the company of others can join one of the Sesto Mountaineering School’s guided hikes. Many of the well-trodden paths are kept clear in winter, and so you can walk along them in winter shoes.

Sledding fun

  • Signaue toboggan run | Signaue Croda Rossa cable car | 2.5 km
  • Monte Baranci toboggan run | Mount Baranci ski area at San Candido | 3 km
  • Val di Campo di Dentro natural toboggan run | Rifugio Tre Scarperi | 4 km
  • Croda Rossa toboggan run | Croda Rossa upper station to Moso, near Sesto | 5 km
  • Klammbach natural toboggan run | Tre Cime cable car, or on foot | 6.5 km
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Outdoor activities in summer

A longing to go trekking

… as soon as you see the beautiful landscape outside the window. Fortunately, many paths start right outside our building, so you can leave your car in the car-park.

Cappella del Bosco meditation path

This themed trail passes 14 stations, including some decorated with attractive carvings, and takes you to the Chapel of the Forest or Chapel of Peace. Both in 1917 – 1918 and during the Fascist era, it served as a secret venue for holding religious services in German. If you want to extend this walk by an hour and turn it into a wonderful excursion, there are several possibilities: you can continue to the Malga Baita dei Cacciatori, to Rifugio Gallo Cedrone, or to Rifugio Sillianerhütte on the Carnic Ridge.

Sunrise hike on Mount Elmo

When the first rays of the sun rise slowly behind the rocky giants and bathe the whole scenario in a warm, golden light, a splendid new day is just beginning. And you can witness this amazing live event*, and then tuck into a delicious high-altitude breakfast at the Rifugio Monte Elmo.
*This excursion can be booked at the local tourist office.

Alta Via Carnica

The Alta Via Carnica is a well-known mountain trail, and very popular with both locals and tourists. The route takes you up several peaks; indeed, some parts of the trail are inside Austria.

Mountain bike routes

For many of these routes, you can get on your mountain bike or e-bike right outside the door, and just start pedalling. The area around Sesto is the perfect place for exciting cycling trips for every level of aptitude. Our tips: the ride up to Rifugio Rudi on the Croda Rossa, a circuit of the Nemes mountain huts, single-track paths for downhill riding, and much more. N.B.: you can leave your bikes in our lockable storage area.

Stoneman Dolomiti Trail

It’s 115 km long, 4,000 metres up, and takes 3 days of cycling effort: the Stoneman Dolomiti Trail is a challenging but rewarding experience. It’s not about performance, competition or technique, but simply about the genuine pleasure of cycling in the mountains. Cycling enthusiasts come to several checkpoints along the way, where they receive an official stamp. Anyone who passes the challenge with flying colours in one, two or three days becomes a Stoneman Finisher and receives a trophy.

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